28 July 2022

Assess risk easily with TOPdesk Impact Analysis

In every organization, change is integral to growth and development. But with change comes risk, and assessing risk well is key to success. Let’s imagine the following situation: we’re looking to buy a brand-new kitchen. Of course, choosing a model that we can afford is the first step. We also need to consider the kitchen’s installment, however. So, alongside the primary question of pricing, we need to ask ourselves questions like: What material should the cupboards be made of? Do we need a plumber for the dishwasher installation? What about an electrician? And how will the new kitchen fit with the aesthetic of the rest of our home?

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7 May 2020

10 tips for TOPdesk use in COVID-19 times

In many countries, anti-COVID-19 measures have been in place for a while now. Lockdowns, social distancing and obligatory working from home are currently facts of life businesses need to deal with.

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4 April 2018

Web widget: letting the web into your home page


You open TOPdesk and the first thing you see is the home page. You're able to customize the home page and with widgets, you have multiple options for showing all kinds of useful information. For instance, to see a to-do list, add the Task widgets. If you want a built-in chat function, you have the Conversations widget. One of the widgets you might not use yet, is the web widget. So what makes the web widget special? Below you'll find some useful ideas to help you get more out of this widget.

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14 March 2018

Two for the price of one - set up two email addresses per caller


You might recognize the situation; a call has been registered through your Mail Import, but the caller is unknown. When you open the call, you see that it's from someone you know. The person is even registered in TOPdesk. So why didn't the Mail Import recognize the caller?

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22 January 2018

Filters FAQ: better understanding your environment


Even if you are only working in TOPdesk with a few operators, you've most likely heard of filters. With filters, you are able to organize and restrict which cards are visible to operators. Filters can be a bit tricky to understand at first but are quite logical when you know how they work.  To help you on your way to know the ins and outs of filters, here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

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7 December 2017

5 tips for designing your Self-Service Portal


On the Service Management blog, you'll often read about how a great service portal ensures users can help themselves. You'll find out how to design a more user-friendly Self-Service Portal and the steps you should take before starting to make sure you build a great Self-Service Portal. Since this blog is about tips and tricks, I thought I would share 5 more practical things you can think about when designing and customizing your Self-Service Portal.


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24 November 2017

Can I have your attention? Working with attentions in cards


Are you looking for a way to show a bit of extra information about a caller? Use attentions to give your operators a simple heads up while they are working on a card, like when the caller is available or if they have particular needs.

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6 October 2017

Personalize your email templates with insertion fields


Email actions have come a long way, and recently they made the jump from the settings management to the web interface. What has not changed is the ‘[] insert field/list’ button. Have you always wondered what it is for? Or do you get intimidated by all the options in the pop up? In this post, I’ll guide you through the jungle of insertion options.

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30 August 2017

Shortcuts to the answers you need


When you have a question, you usually call TOPdesk Support. Support will help you find the answer to your question or listen to feedback. Sometimes you are redirected to where you can receive a better answer. So what if you could skip the redirect and take the quickest route to your answer? Keep reading to learn about the different options for finding the answer you need.

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28 July 2017

Keeping track of card changes: investigating a card's history


When there is more than one person working on a card, you want to keep track of changes. When an action is added to a card it is often clear who edited the card. But what about other changes? There are a couple of places where you can look for information about the card’s history.

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