3 December 2018

This week in Labs: TOPdesk's very own Chat

Why wait till January to start with a new resolution?

Sometimes, your callers need a one-on-one conversation to get their answer. But what do you do when calling is too disruptive and inefficient for your service desk? Walk-by support has certain benefits, but physical boundaries often make it far from ideal. Chat is a solution to help you in that.

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21 August 2018

Self-service versus chat: is chat the way forward?

We get it. At TOPdesk we advised you to set up a Self-Service Portal, and you’ve followed our advice. Once you implemented your portal, the phone stopped ringing and customers now use it 90% of the time to request your products or services. Good job! Four months later, and you hear about the scheduled launch of a new TOPdesk chat module. Hang on – is TOPdesk now suggesting that you should go back to 1-on-1 conversations between customers and service desk staff?

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16 August 2018

Improve your service organization's efficiency with chat

Working at a service organization can be challenging when it comes to time management. When you are in the middle of investigating a server error, for example, customers still expect you to be there for them to help in installing a software update. From a customer’s perspective, sometimes you just need someone to help you with an issue. Using phone can be rather disruptive. So how do you offer effective and constructive interactions with your customers – even when it’s rush hour at your service desk – while still being able to pick up planned activities?

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15 August 2018

How chat improves your customers' experience

Humans share an urgency to interact with one another. We all like to talk, touch, text, wink, and receive some kind of reply. The way we like to interact, however, differs from person to person. At work, for instance, some people prefer receiving automated feedback, while others would rather get an answer face-to-face. The way a message is conveyed has a big impact on how the receiver interprets and values it.

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