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6 October 2020

How to change your prefix in TOPdesk with minimal impact

If your organization uses TOPdesk but has incidents or changes without prefixes, it will eventually run into problems. These can range all the way from being unable to include external numbers in email subject lines to accidentally importing information into the wrong incident or change. But changing the prefix can lead to its own problems, too—like no longer being able to refer to old incidents within the request/action fields. So how did we tackle this problem here at TOPdesk? And why did we wait so long to do it?

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7 December 2017

5 tips for designing your Self-Service Portal


On the Service Management blog, you'll often read about how a great service portal ensures users can help themselves. You'll find out how to design a more user-friendly Self-Service Portal and the steps you should take before starting to make sure you build a great Self-Service Portal. Since this blog is about tips and tricks, I thought I would share 5 more practical things you can think about when designing and customizing your Self-Service Portal.


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6 October 2017

Personalize your email templates with insertion fields


Email actions have come a long way, and recently they made the jump from the settings management to the web interface. What has not changed is the ‘[] insert field/list’ button. Have you always wondered what it is for? Or do you get intimidated by all the options in the pop up? In this post, I’ll guide you through the jungle of insertion options.

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30 August 2017

Shortcuts to the answers you need


When you have a question, you usually call TOPdesk Support. Support will help you find the answer to your question or listen to feedback. Sometimes you are redirected to where you can receive a better answer. So what if you could skip the redirect and take the quickest route to your answer? Keep reading to learn about the different options for finding the answer you need.

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