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21 October 2021

Google Analytics: How is your Self-Service Portal being used?

The TOPdesk Self-Service Portal (SSP) is a knowledge base, customer portal and service catalogue in one. It’s a place where your customers quickly find what they need, when they need it – without your help. This helps you create a simple, familiar interface for your customers based on the services you deliver. And above all: it reduces the repetitive calls to your service desk, giving them more time to work on critical issues.

But do you actually know if the content that you provide is, in fact, being used? How many visitors you get per day? Which pages are viewed the most? How do your customers navigate through the SSP? Do they search rather than navigate through the pages? Some reports can answer a few of those questions, but we noticed there is not one overview where you find all this info in one place. This is where the Google Analytics integration, linking your TOPdesk instance with Google’s analytics capabilities, comes into play.

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2 July 2020

The Collaboration platform: seamless collaboration with partners and suppliers

The majority of organizations are no longer fully self-sufficient when providing a service to their customers. Most of the time, they also need the help of other experts and organizations in their field like 24/7 IT support, Identity & Access management or managed hosting for applications . But this isn’t always a seamless process

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11 October 2019

Quarterly product overview Q3 2019

Keeping track of changes in a software as expansive as TOPdesk is difficult. How can you be sure you don't miss out on information crucial to your processes? Watch the recording of the product update webinar to find out about all the latest features!

In the webinar, I discuss the highlights of the past quarter in-depth. As such, I won't go into detail about the features in this blog. Watch the recording to find out more information about these features. Below you'll find links to additional information regarding the features.

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