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Anneke Westerman, Managed Service Provider Consultant

24 October 2018

4 steps for offering every customer a custom service portal

How do you offer your customer a unique customer experience, quick and bespoke service, without spending unnecessary time on it? How do you make it even easier for the customer to find the right information, so you can reduce the burden on your service desk is reduced and the customer is helped faster, while managing your portal doesn't cost extra time? As a consultant, I'm reguarly asked these question. Read on to find how in 4 steps you can filter relevant content for your users, help them find answers more easily and speed up the handling of your service desk.

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14 August 2018

Not just a Self-Service Portal, but a Customer Service Portal as well!

TOPdesk is working hard to provide even better support for service delivery in the Managed Services chain, as well as grant more insight for you and your end users. We’ve already taken some necessary steps; service-level management has been expanded, services can now be described and offered via the Self-Service Portal, and you can customize the portal’s look & feel and tile availability for individual customers and users. However, you also want to be able to inform your customer after they have made the decision to start using your service. While the portal’s emphasis used to be on the ‘self’, we will be shifting the focus more and more to facilitating at the individual customer level. We have taken several steps to achieve this in recent months, transforming our portal from a mere Self-Service Portal into a Customer Service Portal.

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