10 October 2019

Future foundations of TOPdesk: Tasks & Workflows

Will the Collaboration Platform support other modules than incident management? Can Share and Subscribe also be made available for changes? Can API functionality available for calls also be made available for other modules? More broadly: when will we enable cross-module overviews and BI reporting? These are some of the many questions I and my colleagues in the Product Management team receive on a daily basis.

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28 November 2018

Checklists in calls - templates for assignable subtasks

When you want to standardize your service delivery in TOPdesk, you have several options with Call Management. Standard solutions help you quickly solve calls with templates, and partial calls help you to split up calls and assign the various parts to different people. But until recently it wasn't possible to create a template containing assignable subtasks; to do so you needed the templates in Change Management. 

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19 April 2018

Integrating your statuses with Kanban

You were recently introduced to the first version of the Kanban Board in TOPdesk. With the Kanban Board, you tackle your service management in an agile way. With a recent update, the board is now more user-friendly, as moving a call to another column updates the status of a call. You don'thave to open a call each time to change the status. Furthermore, your calls appear in the correct column of the Kanban board without you dragging and dropping them there. Want to find out how the Kanban Board works with statuses and what the best practice is for setting up your statuses? Read on!

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