30 August 2017

Shortcuts to the answers you need



When you have a question, you usually call TOPdesk Support. Support will help you find the answer to your question or listen to feedback. Sometimes you are redirected to where you can receive a better answer. So what if you could skip the redirect and take the quickest route to your answer? Keep reading to learn about the different options for finding the answer you need.

1. Knowledge Base

Did you know that about 25% of calls at Support are answered using knowledge items from the knowledge base? By sharing knowledge, anyone can help everyone. By finding the answer to your question via the knowledge base, you don't have to wait for an answer from Support. Check out our knowledge base on the Extranet, and who knows, there might be an answer there for you.

2. TIP

Have you ever had an idea as to how TOPdesk could improve? Before, you had to register any product feedback with Support which would then be passed on to the Development department. With the TOPdesk Innovation Platform (TIP), you are in control of this process. You register your ideas and vote on features suggested by other customers. If you want to start using TIP, register via the extranet. Make your vote count and let us know what you want in the next version of TOPdesk!

3. Sales

Sometimes you hear about a module you never knew you needed and you want to know more. In this case, Sales is beter suited to answer your questions. They're not there only to sell TOPdesk. Sales can also provide you with whitepapers or inform you of the possibilities and usefulness of a new module for your organization. Support can only tell you about the generic use of a module or what a specific setting does. Sales knows what other customers need and how you can use the module.

4. Consultancy

Another department which, in specific cases, is a better place to ask your question is Consultancy. Just as Sales knows the cost of modules and how valuable/cost-effective a puchase of a module will be, Consultancy knows more about how to configure TOPdesk to suit your organization's process. If you want to know the best practices for a module or how to set up a certain workflow, Consultancy is your best bet. A conversation with Support will just give you the plain answer, but a conversation with Consultancy will provide you with insight and an understanding of your process

TOPdesk is trying to shift-left just as much as you, which is why we have an extensive knowledge base and the new TIP. Each department has it's speciality and is better suited for answering particular questions. So if you want to find the quickest route to your answer, why not try exploring one of the suggestions above? Let us know what you do to help your customers find a shortcut to their answer in the comments below. 

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Suzanne Peet

Suzanne Peet, TOPdesk Application Manager at TOPdesk