28 July 2017

Keeping track of card changes: investigating a card's history



When there is more than one person working on a card, you want to keep track of changes. When an action is added to a card it is often clear who edited the card. But what about other changes? There are a couple of places where you can look for information about the card’s history.

Information at a glance

At the bottom of each card you can see important information about the card. You can see who created the card (Created) and who the last operator was to edit the card (Changed on).

But who edited the card when  no name is shown for Changed on? When your SSP users edit cards in the Self-Service Portal, the name is filled in as blank. Want to see more clearly if a card is changed via the SSP? Set up your TOPdesk to automatically adjust the status of a card to something like “Changed in the SSP”.

How to set a standard status for calls changed through the SSP:

  • Go to Settings > Module Settings > Call Management > General.
  • In the Status block, under “Call is modified via Self-Service Portal", choose a status.
  • Save the settings.
  • Calls that are modified in the SSP will now show up with a different status.


More in depth with the Audit trail

If you want to see what was changed by which operator, consult the audit trail. The audit trail tracks important changes to the card. For instance, here you can find changes to the status of the call, or if a card has been assigned to a different operator group.

For On-Premises environments, the settings for the audit trail can be found in Settings Management (Dedicated Client). Knowledge item KI 5536 describes the steps  for turning on the audit trail for fields on cards.

If you use SaaS, you can enable more fields via the TOPdesk Labs Audit Trail functionality. After you enable this feature, the most important changes to cards will be tracked on the Audit Trail tab.

Log Entries

If you want to track changes that are not available via the audit trail, you can use log entries. For more information about log entries, see KI 5164.

Working together on a card

If you need to know when an operator currently has a card open, use the “Collaboration in Cards” feature via TOPdesk Labs. After enabling this feature, you will see a message in cards when more than one operator is viewing a card. This message alerts you to the fact that the card can be changed by someone else, and it is easier to collaborate with colleagues. For example; you are working on a call and you see the message that someone else has also opened the card. You look over and see that your colleague is on the phone. You walk over to check if they have the same customer on the phone and then help with the call as you were already working on it. By working with your colleagues, you avoid doing double work.

So, the next time you are wondering who touched your card, you know where you can look.

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Meta de Best

Meta de Best, Technical Product Consultant at TOPdesk