14 March 2018

Two for the price of one - set up two email addresses per caller



You might recognize the situation; a call has been registered through your Mail Import, but the caller is unknown. When you open the call, you see that it's from someone you know. The person is even registered in TOPdesk. So why didn't the Mail Import recognize the caller?

To understand the situation, you should know that the Mail Import recognizes a caller via their email address, not via the name of the caller. When an email is imported, the email address in the email is matched with the email address registered on a Persons card. 

So when no person is linked to a call, it means the email address couldn't be matched with a Persons card. These situations often occur when a caller uses two different email addresses. For example, one of your colleagues has been ill for a few days and wants to let your HR department know. They send an email via their personal email address, but only their work email has been registered in TOPdesk. The Mail Import doesn't recognize the caller and they're not linked to the call.

So how do you get the Mail Import to recognize another email address for these situations? Include an extra email address on the person card! Perhaps you already use the tab Private for personal contact details. You might have noticed that there is an email field under Private Contact Details. TOPdesk also uses this email address to match an email to the caller. Fill in a private email address or any other address that is linked to that person.


It is possible you can’t see the Private tab. For privacy reasons, you only have access to the Private tab on a person’s card if you have the permission for the tab. See the knowledge item KI 5638 for help with assigning the permission.

So, next time a caller uses an unregistered email address, add it to the Private tab!

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Meta de Best

Meta de Best, Technical Product Consultant at TOPdesk