3 December 2018

This week in Labs: TOPdesk's very own Chat


Why wait till January to start with a new resolution?

Sometimes, your callers need a one-on-one conversation to get their answer. But what do you do when calling is too disruptive and inefficient for your service desk? Walk-by support has certain benefits, but physical boundaries often make it far from ideal. Chat is a solution to help you in that.

People increasingly use chat in their daily communications in all forms – Whatapp, website chat bubbles and social media just to name a few. It’s no surprise why chat has become so commonly adopted: it’s easy to have various chats at the same time; chat is less error-prone and you're able to share information easily; it’s already in written form yet conversational; and it’s super easy to use.

When you strive for service excellence, chat is a perfect tool addition. Therefore, TOPdesk has developed a chat functionality that is integrated into your TOPdesk operator environment. You're able to support any type of user with the new Chat feature: from employees that use your Self-Service Portal, to a particular group of partners on a SharePoint environment, to (potential) clients that visit your company website. You select who is able to access the Chat’s end-user bubble. Moreover,you'll see information about the caller in the feature and you can create calls directly from the chat. Your various operator teams are able to support you callers in the feature.

This week, TOPdesk's new Chat module will be released in Labs.

Get started

  1. Enable the feature in Labs
  2. Go to Functional settings > Chat > select Built-in Chat.
  3. Go to Module settings > Self-Service Portal > General > select Let persons chat with operators.
  4. Assign permissions to the operators who will support your callers with Chat.
  5. Log out of TOPdesk and back in.
  6. Let your operators know they should activate chat.

Chat is still in the development phase. You can expect the first non-beta version in Q1 of 2019, and the feature will remain in Labs throughout the first quarter of 2019.

Want to keep using Chat after it leaves Labs? Contact your account manager for more information, as Chat will be a paid-for module that can be added to your TOPdesk subscription.

Interesting in more whys and whats about Chat? Visit the Chat website.

Happy chatting!

Tim Weerdenburg

Tim Weerdenburg, Product Manager at TOPdesk