13 June 2017

Settings to the web

 Settings to the web

As an increasing number of customers move to SaaS from On-Premises, we are focusing more on making life in the cloud as simple as possible. To that end, we are moving settings to the web interface that were previously only available for On-Premises installations.

These settings are:

  • Events
  • HTTP requests and log book actions
  • Optional fields and grids

Below we’ll look at each of these and how you’ll be able to use them.

Events & Actions

While working in TOPdesk, you create, update and close many cards. For each of these moments, you can set up an Event. Events are then used to trigger actions, such as sending an email.

For a while now, SaaS customers have been able to set up email actions via the web interface of TOPdesk, but events and other actions were not available. Now, that split has come to an end and they are reunited in the web interface. In the Action Management module page, you'll be able to view and create Events. In an interface very similar to Actions, you can see at a glance when the Event triggers, and how it relates to any Actions.

As an additional benefit, you can open a linked event directly from an action (and vice versa), making it a lot easier to see how the elements are linked to each other.

Can't find events or actions? You might need new permissions! They can be found under the new header "Events and Actions".

Optional fields

While the content of each card in TOPdesk has been carefully thought out, they might still lack fields you need. An example would be storing contact information on a Person card. This isn't available out of the box. To solve this, many cards have optional fields.

Optional fields allow you to add various types of fields in up to two new tabs, all with custom labeling. You can set these fields as mandatory, and use them in your selections and reports. A third tab can be used to show a grid with a list of entries, set up in a similar manner.

You will find the optional fields functionality via the Module Settings. While moving the settings, we also improved the interface. Editing optional fields now looks similar to the tab of the card you are editing.

Audit trail

One of the main reasons you have a service management tool is to get control over your processes.  With a service management tool, you gain insight on how to improve your processes. When you track the changes to a task, you see if your processes match the reality of the work that is being done. With the audit trail, you track these changes.

To get the most out of the audit trail, you should record all important changes. Previously, you had to indicate which fields the audit trail would track. In this case, you might realize that you need certain data when it is too late. You see a problem, want to investigate it further but you can’t. The details are missing. So when you enable the audit trail, you track changes to all important fields.

Want to improve your insight? Turn on this new feature in TOPdesk Labs! You can find the feature via Settings > Functional Settings > Labs.

Don’t have access to Audit Trail? After enabling the feature in Labs, you need to assign permissions! You can find the permissions under General of the permission group.

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