22 July 2019

Quarterly product overview Q2 2019


Keeping track of changes in a software as expansive as TOPdesk is difficult. How can you be sure you don't miss out on information crucial to your processes? Watch the recording of the product update webinar to find out about all the latest features!

In the webinar, I discuss the highlights of the past quarter in-depth. As such, I won't go into detail about the features in this blog. Watch the recording to find out more information about these features or click on a timestamp below to go directly to a certain topic in the recording. Below you'll find links to additional information regarding the features, as well as information for a number of features not covered in the webinar.

 Upcoming: Workflows

Upcoming: Mobile

Released + Upcoming: Asset Management

Released: E-learning

Upcoming: Dropping support for Internet Explorer 11

Upcoming: Artificial Intelligence

Released + Upcoming: Virtual Assistant & Chatbot solutions

Upcoming: Public, unauthenticated forms

Released + Upcoming: Collaboration Platform

Released: Customer Journey Mapping Toolkit

Released + Upcoming: API Improvements

Upcoming: TOPdesk on Zapier Platform

Additional features not covered in the webinar

The following features have been released in the past quarter as well, but haven't been covered in the webinar. Below you'll find more information about the feature as well as links to additional information in blogs or on the TOPdesk roadmap.

Kanban Board Improvements

As collaboration is not restricted to one team only, we now enable you to add multiple teams on one board. See the Multiple Teams on one board roadmap item for more details. Furthermore, we are looking into supporting Change Management on the Kanban Board, which we aim to deliver on SaaS in this year.

Share & Subscribe

End-users are already able to share a call with their peers, but now this is also possible to for operators. See the roadmap item for: Enable operators to share a call with additional end-users. Next up for Share & Subscribe: Branch filters to ensure end-users can only share calls with users from their own branch or organization.

Improved end-user feedback possibilities (upcoming feature)

We believe getting feedback on how you are doing is the start of improving your service delivery. Currently, customers still need to log-in to be able to give their feedback (unless you use the feedback solution that is currently in the TOPdesk marketplace!). We are working on improving the end-user feedback possibilities in the upcoming quarter. Check out the roadmap item for more information.

Knowledge Management e-book

Would you like to know how you can better enable knowledge sharing within your service desk? You are not the only one. Because of that, we have created a guide to help you take your knowledge management to the next level. You can find the Knowledge Management Guide here.

Azure AD import persons and operators

Connect with an Active Directy and import users (roadmap item) and operators (roadmap item) into TOPdesk more easily with the do-it-yourself import wizard.

Chat Improvements

The chat solutions has also been further developed in the last quarter. This means it is now possible to send attachments in the chat, read more about this here. Additionally, you can now adjust the color of the chat bubble to make it fit in perfectly with your website. Also coming up: chat queues, to enable routing of incoming chats. Want to know more about TOPdesk chat? Visit our page here.

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Also check out the product overview of Q1 2019 to see what has been delivered in the previous quarter.

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