12 April 2019

Quarterly product overview Q1 2019


Keeping track of changes in a software as expansive as TOPdesk is difficult. How can you be sure you don't miss out on information crucial to your processes? Watch the recording of the product update webinar to find out about all the latest features!

In the webinar, I discuss the highlights of the past quarter in-depth. As such, I won't go into detail about the features in this blog. Watch the recording to find out more information about these features or click on a timestamp below to go directly to a certain topic in the recording. Below you'll find links to additional information regarding the features, as well as information for a number of features not covered in the webinar.

 Asset Management (04:16)

Public knowledge items (13:04)

Chat (14:50)

Upcoming feature - Collaboration Platform (17:17)

Share & Subscribe (22:17)

Upcoming features - Artificial intelligence (24:35)

Workflows (28:20)

Upcoming feature - Mobile (32:11)

Additional features not covered in the webinar

The following features have been released in the past quarter as well, but haven't been covered in the webinar. Below you'll find more information about the feature as well as links to additional information in blogs or on the TOPdesk roadmap.

Kanban board improvements

Additional filters have been added to the Kanban board so you easily find the correct calls or notes to talk about. Check out the Basic filtering on Kanban board roadmap item for more details. Furthermore we're looking into supporting Change Management, more planning capabilities and combined boards for multiple groups.

Asset Management organizational filters

If you're still using TOPdesk's Configuration Management module, or if you're simply looking for more ways to restrict access to your data, you're in luck. We're currently developing support for the 'branch filter' and will look into the 'operator filter' later this year. You can follow progress through this roadmap item.

Virtual Appliance (Upcoming feature)

As an On-Premises customer, you'll be able to benefit from TOPdesk's service-oriented architecture with the Virtual Appliance. The Virtual Appliance is an easy-to-use virtual machine which enables you to run TOPdesk locally with modern services. Read everything in a series of blogs about the Virtual Appliance.

OData feed filtering

With the improved OData feed - you use API to get data out of your TOPdesk  environment for real-time reporting. With filtering, you're able to limit the entries returned by the feed. Read more in the roadmap item, including the OData specifications.

Response times agreements & reporting

This set of features allows you to configure response times for SLA's, directly see in a call when you're expected to respond and, of course,report on your performance. This Response times in TOPdesk blog tells you more about it and you can track progress through this roadmap item.

Work instructions for operators

When you make specific agreements with your customers, you want to make sure everyone follows the agreements. Simply record them in TOPdesk and link them to your SLA so operators directly have them at hand. The All customer agreements in one place blog contains all information, including screenshots of the feature.

Asset audit with barcode scanning (Upcoming feature)

With devices or pieces of furniture physically moving through your organization, it's difficult to keep your CMDB up-to-date. With the barcode scanning solution for Asset Management, you save time and easily keep your CMDB in order. Follow this roadmap item to track when the feature is released.

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