23 April 2020

Quarterly product overview April 2020


In our second update of the year, we had a lot of ground to cover. The year is well underway and the newly introduced themes all show significant progress. 

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3:57 General updates

9:18 Foundations

  • 9:44 Asset Management Triggers - field changes (landing page)
  • 10:32 Asset Management Actions - old values in email
  • 11:10 Asset Management migration - free fields
  • 11:44 Asset Management reporting
  • 12:20 Workflow checklists with Tasks (roadmap
  • 14:23 Mobile for operators (landing page)

16:10 Collaboration

  • 16:22 Changes on Kanban board (roadmap)
  • 16:55 Automatic (ticket) assignment (roadmap)
  • 17:54 Collaboration platform (landing page)

19:42 Customer centric

29:30 Self-reliant - Best practice documentation

30:22 Eco-system

  • 30:33 Visitor registration API
  • 31:09 Knowledge Management API
  • 32:42 Employee Lifecycle Automation
  • 33:40 Outlook Room Booker (marketplace)

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