4 February 2019

Permissions per asset type


The most often requested feature so far for Asset Management has just been released: permissions per asset type. Using Asset Management across multiple departments will be a lot easier now that you're able to limit access to certain asset types!

Existing permissions

For existing Asset Management users, your permission groups have been updated so that your operators have permissions for all asset types. Evaluate whether all permissions are needed for each permission group, and adjust the permissions to limit or grant access to certain asset types.

Important: The next time you create a new template, you'll need to assign permissions for that asset type to each applicable permission group.

Permissions from Configuration Management will be migrated automatically in the future, but we're still working on that. You can still migrate to the new module, but that will currently require you to setup your permissions manually for Asset Management. We hope to add this feature by March.

Adjusting permissions

Whenever you're creating new templates, or simply want to adjust your setup, you can adjust your permissions on the Permission Group page. At the bottom of the page you'll find a block which consists of all permissions for the new Asset Management.

Permission group Asset Management

Future plans

Aside from adding some more convenience regarding permissions per asset type, we have some exciting plans for reintroducing Branch and Operator filters.

As you are used to from other modules, you will be able to set up Branch filters to limit operators to only see assets related to their branch. Once this is added your existing setup will simply just work, as the existing filters in your TOPdesk will be applied.

The Operator filters is a bit more advanced. We are thinking about allowing you to filter an asset's visibility based on a custom field filled in on the card. Since this feature is less-used in Configuration Management we'll first start of with Branch filters, but if you have any input we'd love to hear it!

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