16 July 2021

Into the Future: TOPdesk’s Plans for the Upcoming Year

We built our TOPdesk products with one simple goal in mind: to help you provide excellent service delivery at all times, for all your people.

But while we’re proud of our achievements to date, we are always on the lookout for ways to further improve our platform. That’s why we made a number of key improvements over the past year based on the valuable feedback that you, our customers, have provided us with.

As a passionate believer in the power of peer-to-peer collaboration, this feedback is not merely helpful to improving TOPdesk — it’s absolutely essential.

This article will cover a quick recap of our overarching product vision and strategy, the changes that we made over the past year, and what we have in store for the upcoming year. Oh, and if you want to check in more regularly then make sure to sign up for our quarterly product updates.

But for now, sit back, strap in, and let's take a whirlwind tour of our plans for the future.

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3 June 2021

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

On Thursday 20th May, we celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Not only did we champion the importance of creating a more accessible world for all but we also celebrated some fantastic recent achievements that are helping us achieve this mission. Here, I’d like to share our experiences of trying to make the TOPdesk product more accessible over the past year – and will also be offering some tips to help product developers and service managers on their own journey towards creating a more accessible future.

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27 May 2021

TOPdesk’s New Zapier Integration: An easier way to integrate

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently developed a new Zapier integration, meaning it’s now easier than ever before to integrate TOPdesk into your existing ecosystem.

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25 May 2021

AI within the TOPdesk Platform: Putting our vision into action

Back in June 2020, we laid out our overarching vision for using artificial intelligence (AI) both within the TOPdesk platform and within the TOPdesk Marketplace.

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17 March 2021

10 Creative Applications for Our New Asset Management Module

We’re pretty proud of our Asset Management module. Not only does it make organization-wide asset management easier than ever before, but its blend of functionality and flexibility means that it can be used for a wide variety of creative use cases.

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8 March 2021

Asset Management Essentials: Reporting

The TOPdesk Asset Management module makes organization-wide asset management easier and more intuitive than ever before. But despite adding a range of new features, there has still been one major hurdle holding customers back from migrating: reporting.

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15 February 2021

What's new in TOPdesk Mobile?

Here at TOPdesk, we want to be at the heart of your organization: linking different departments, projects, goals, and services together in one centralized system. But in order to do this, we need to make it as easy as possible for our users to access TOPdesk wherever they are. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently made some exciting changes to TOPdesk Mobile.

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6 January 2021

It’s Time to Make Your Text Even Richer

Effective communication makes the world go round. Whether you’re using TOPdesk to communicate with your colleagues or your customers, one thing’s for sure: you have to communicate clearly.

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15 December 2020

Manage Your Office With Ease Thanks to Workspace Reservations

Many of our customers have been in touch throughout 2020, eager to find out if we can help them keep their office as safe as possible from COVID-19 outbreaks and compliant with local rules and regulations. As such, we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently launched our new Workplace Reservations Feature within TOPdesk, which also includes Workspace Booker.

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27 October 2020

The importance of APIs - and 4 TOPdesk API examples

In a day and age where the average business reportedly uses more than 1,000 individual applications, it’s more important than ever before to make sure that they’re all integrated. That’s where APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) come in.

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