28 August 2018

Notes in the TOPdesk Kanban Board


In January, you were first introduced to the Kanban Board for Call Management. With this board, you’re able to visualize workloads for Lean and Agile teams. Now it’s time to take your agile process a step further with Notes. Notes are flexible tasks you use separately or in combination with calls already on the Kanban Board. Notes make the Kanban Board even more suitable for various types of teams. Read on to see how different teams can use the board!

Service desk: continuous improvement

Do you discuss every call on the Kanban Board during stand-up? Of course not! However, every service desk does have shared tasks that aren’t necessarily calls. Good service desks are continually improving their processes and services to help their customers. For example, think of creating knowledge items for common questions, designing self-service forms, or measuring customer satisfaction. But there is a risk of these proactive improvements being overshadowed by all the reactive daily workload. Notes on the Kanban Board help here: visualize the tasks for the team, keep track of the progress, and discuss who is doing what during the daily stand-up.

Back office: all tasks in one overview

Plenty of back office teams have started using the Kanban Board to gain insight into the progress of their call workload. With notes, they also gain insight into tasks that aren’t yet in TOPdesk. Think of the documentation someone is writing, the new team member being brought on board, or the servers that are being moved. If these tasks are stored in TOPdesk, even better: simply add the relevant card number to the notes and you get a direct link to the task. This helps you work with these tasks in an agile way too.

Projects: team progress in TOPdesk

Where to keep track of projects? Many teams ask themselves this. If it is a project for departments that work with TOPdesk, why not use TOPdesk? You already have a system where everyone can log in, and you can easily use notes to link with existing cards in the system. The Kanban Board is also suitable for managing small agile projects. For small, independent tasks, use only notes; for more extensive projects, link notes with one of the existing card types, such as calls or changes. Did you know that some TOPdesk implementations have already been managed by using the Kanban Board? Keep track of questions and further improvements on the same board.

Want to know more about how you TOPdesk can support your agile work process, or how to get the most out of the Kanban Board? Reach out to TOPdesk Support or Consultancy!

Bas Blanken

Bas Blanken, Service Management Consultant & Agile expert