14 August 2018

Not just a Self-Service Portal, but a Customer Service Portal as well!


TOPdesk is working hard to provide even better support for service delivery in the Managed Services chain, as well as grant more insight for you and your end users. We’ve already taken some necessary steps; service-level management has been expanded, services can now be described and offered via the Self-Service Portal, and you can customize the portal’s look & feel and tile availability for individual customers and users. However, you also want to be able to inform your customer after they have made the decision to start using your service. While the portal’s emphasis used to be on the ‘self’, we will be shifting the focus more and more to facilitating at the individual customer level. We have taken several steps to achieve this in recent months, transforming our portal from a mere Self-Service Portal into a Customer Service Portal.

Insight into all requests

You are now able to filter the ‘My Requests’ overview to display your own request or all requests for which you are authorized, such as those at the individual customer or department level. You now also have the option of viewing calls only, changes only, or both, and you can filter by customer or branch.

My requests overview

Insight into all objects at the individual customer or branch level

Asset management is an important and challenging topic in the field of service delivery for customers. How can you, as a service organization, maintain a proper overview of your assets and keep your customers up to date on everything you manage for them. TOPdesk is working hard to make this process more flexible and easy. The deployment of our new asset management is part of this (make sure to also read our post on the newly added options). However there is more to it than that! After all, you want to be able to easily keep your client informed on the assets they are utilizing and enable them to play a role in keeping that information up to date. Whereas only a customer’s own objects were shown previously, you are now also able to provide insight into the assets that have been linked at the individual customer level. This new feature lets end users to check which and how many assets are available within their organization. It will help make it much easier for customers to obtain insight into things such as workplace management: how many and which printers or workstations are available at a particular branch, and which of them are operational?

My objects overview

Make requests or calls on someone else’s behalf, or on objects other than those for your customer or branch

A much-heard request was the ability to make requests or calls on someone else’s behalf. You are now able to indicate for each form whether the caller is permitted to fill out forms for other people as well. This functionality is subject to the Self-Service Portal settings on someone’s person card. Moreover, you are now able to specify for each individual form whether the caller is permitted to select only their own objects or those of their customers, branches or subsidiaries as well.

Enable call registration for others

How does it work?

As a TOPdesk operator, you can indicate under the ‘Self-Service Portal’ header how requests and objects are filtered.

Settings Persons Card

Next, go to the Self-Service Portal home page to make the ‘My Objects’ and ‘My Requests’ tiles available to that particular person.

Personalized SSP for Customers

For more information about the features mentioned above, please read the following articles on our extranet:

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Anneke Westerman

Anneke Westerman, Managed Service Provider Consultant