1 September 2017

Making TOPdesk more accessible

TOPdesk braille

In the past year we've made some big steps in making TOPdesk more accessible. There's a substantial group of people who depend on screen readers such as Jaws and NVDA to understand what is shown on their screen. These tools will now have a far easier time making sense of TOPdesk, making it possible for an operator to do their daily work in incident management.

So, what did we actually do? It's a long list, so let's stick to some highlights. General navigation is possible now, with both the TOPdesk menu and the Quick Launch easy to reach. In Incident Management we have created relations between field names and input fields, so it is clear what information needs to be filled in. Input fields are grouped under headers, making it possible to jump to sections of your card quickly with the right assistive tooling. Some details, such as icons or images that are just there to be pretty, are ignored, making keyboard navigation more efficient. And finally overviews now have an alternative view, which lacks some features of the regular view but can be accessed fully by keyboard.

Accessible overview

Though most of these changes add descriptive information, to be used by assistive tooling like screen readers only, not everything is completely behind the scenes. Keyboard warriors will be able to TAB and shortcut their way around the screen. ALT+S has been with us for a while now, but we've added lots more, such as shortcuts for your Quick Launch. You can read all about it in our knowledge item about shortcuts on My TOPdesk, or download the shortcuts cheat sheet via the button below. Want to have them even closer? Ask for the fancy new mousepad to get them right under your nose.

Shortcuts mousepad

Making TOPdesk accessible isn't just a project, it's a new way of thinking. We learned quickly that we're not just helping people with visual impairments; this extra level of quality is making the software better for everyone. We’ll take these lessons into account for future projects. Expect new TOPdesk functionalities to be more accessible right out of the gate.

Download shortcuts cheat sheet