17 March 2020

TOPdesk measures regarding the corona virus (COVID-19)

Blog updated: March 26 (added new Development guidelines).

TOPdesk is taking additional steps regarding the corona virus (COVID-19). Why? Because we want to protect our colleagues and you, our customer. In this blog we explain how TOPdesk is making sure you’ll notice as little as possible from these steps. We’ll also update this blog whenever the situation changes, for instance, because of changed national health guidelines.

Working from home
Following the press conference by Dutch prime-minister Mark Rutte on Thursday March 12 and later updates, TOPdesk Netherlands has decided to have all colleagues work from home as much as possible until at least April 6. Other branches have taken similar decisions.

Support is available as usual
All TOPdesk employees can work from home. This is how TOPdesk Support will continue answering any questions you might have regarding your TOPdesk environment. Even if there will be more restrictions or enforced home quarantine. This means that our support services remain unchanged.

SaaS services
The TOPdesk SaaS services run independently from the TOPdesk office network, and are designed with business continuity as first priority. TOPdesk SaaS environments don’t rely on the availability of people to run, and all key management actions and monitoring systems are automated. This means that everything remains unchanged.

Keeping your TOPdesk as stable as possible
TOPdesk Development has taken extra measures to make sure your TOPdesk environment stays as stable as possible, so you can always give your customers the assistance they need. In short, we’re still going to continuously update and improve TOPdesk as a productIf that release strategy changes, we’ll immediately let you know. The extra precautions around the release process Development has taken include:

  • Additional checks prior to releasing. Even changes with a “low impact” will require manual approval for now. This allows Development teams to intervene as quickly as possible if needed.
  • Releasing all updates at the beginning of the working day. This way, Development can quickly respond to updates if needed.
  • More extensive collaboration efforts and new internal communication channels. This way, Development teams make sure they always know what’s happening in the TOPdesk product. Clear communication is key while everyone is working from home instead of sitting next to each other.

TOPdesk follows national health guidelines
TOPdesk follows the guidelines set by national health institutes in all countries in which we operate. TOPdesk management actively monitors the situation, and gives colleagues updates about recommended steps they need to take to stay healthy and combat the spread of the virus.

Customer contact
As a rule, your appointments with TOPdesk employees will take place remotely for now. In The Netherlands, at least until April 6, and appointments in April and May will also be scheduled like this. If needed, TOPdesk will contact you about this change. Do you want something else? Please wait for us to contact you and then we can work out a solution together.

Want more information?
You can always find the most recent information at my.topdesk.com. Do you have any other questions? Please contact us via info@topdesk.com or +31 (0)15 270 0900.