22 July 2019

Branch filters in Asset Management


When using Asset Management to register assets for different branches or sites, you tend to want to limit visibility of those assets to a specific set of operators. Now that your active branch filters apply to Asset Management, you can do exactly that.

Limit access to assets

Do you already have branch filters active? Then you're all set! Just like with your other TOPdesk modules, your branch filters are automatically applied to Asset Management. Take a moment to review your current filters to make sure they filter assets for the right operators.

If you don't have active filters, create new ones via Modules > Supporting Files > Branch filters


A custom overview for each operator

Branch filters are usually used to limited which assets an IT operator has access to. With an active branch filter, your operators only see the assets in their own branch. Their overview isn't filled with assets they can't do anything with.

To help your operators even further, assign permissions per asset type. Your IT operators will only see assets such as computers and server, not coffee machines. With an active branch filter, they'll only see local assets. You serve them exactly the right overview to work with.

Migrate to Asset Management

If you've been waiting for branch filters to migrate from Configuration Management to the new Asset Management, you should be good to go! Not sure what the impact of the migration will be for you? Check out the migration flowchart on the Asset Management website.

Still missing certain functionalities?  Check out the road map for Asset Management. Next up we'll take care of a replacement for the 'Configuration card' and at the same time work is being done on automatic events triggers.

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