12 May 2020

Adding channels to TOPdesk chat

Nothing is more frustrating than being transferred over and over to get to speak to the right person. As an end-user, you just want to talk to somebody that can help you out, when you cannot find the appropriate form to submit your incident or request.

In TOPdesk, you can set up groups of operators with specific skills so that people can be helped quickly by the right person. We have now added this same concept to our Chat functionality.

Each operator group their own chat channel

Before, all incoming conversations would be added to one list of chats. Whereas this could work well if you have one team op operators with similar skills, most organizations struggled working this way because chats could not be transferred to the right group.

Companies that do have groups that have specific skills of expertise – think of IT, HR and FM, or 1st, 2nd and 3rd line , or a combination of those – can now add channels to the Chat functionality that reflects their organizational structure. This means that chat conversation can be transferred to the relevant group of persons who can help the customer, if needed.

Of course, operators do not want to be bothered by conversations that are relevant for them. Therefore, TOPdesk will just show notifications and conversations that are relevant for the operator. Conversation show to which channel a chat conversation belongs.

Chat temporarily for free

A chat functionality makes service desks more accessible to their customers. This is especially helpful in times when many employees have to work from home.

That is why TOPdesk Chat can now be used for an extended period – that is, until October 1, 2020. Chat is available for SaaS customers in Labs, and can be activated in a TOPdesk VA environment.

Want to know more about how to start using TOPdesk Chat?

We made a video series that explains you how to activate, set up and use TOPdesk Chat. Check them out:

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Tim Weerdenburg

Tim Weerdenburg, Product Manager at TOPdesk