22 January 2020

Adding changes to the Kanban Board

Our Kanban board helps organizations combine the flexibility and transparency of Agile methodologies with the structure of the ITIL Incident Management process. Now, we’re gradually introducing Change Management processes to the Kanban board.

Teams using the Kanban board can quickly see who is working on what, how much work is in progress, and whether the backlog is manageable. Call Management in combination with Notes already help teams work in an agile way.

Why we’re adding changes

Changes and their activities tend to be proactive in nature, with clearly defined steps required for implementation. This makes them perfectly suited to a Kanban view, where their predictability can be combined with insight into prioritization to ensure the delivery of the maximum long-term value.

The combination of changes and incidents in a single view is particularly powerful. A common challenge for teams is that constant unexpected work can disrupt the implementation structural changes, or vice versa, that too much focus on scheduled work makes a team less responsive to customer needs. This can significantly delay the delivery of long-term value and impose high costs.

But by taking a look at the Kanban board when something unexpected happens, such as an emergency change or a particularly serious incident, a team can quickly estimate how this affects the current planning. This enables a consistent balance between proactive and reactive tasks, and between delivering long-term value and being responsive to short-term customer needs.

Roadmap 2020

How are we planning to release Change Management on the Kanban board?

  • We’re taking Simple Changes as a starting point. Our first release aims to introduce the basic of Simple Changes to the Kanban board. You can expect this early in Q1 2020, in Labs.
  • Next, we will focus on improving this experience by introducing more information about changes, and by ensuring that in the background changes are processed correctly. After this, we will release outside Labs.
  • Finally, we intend to introduce Change Activities. This will ensure that all work within Incident and Change Management that can be assigned to operator groups in TOPdesk is available on the Kanban board.

After these releases we will take stock of current customer needs to determine the next steps in our Agile roadmap.

Provide feedback on the Kanban Board

If you want to get involved early on keep an eye on TOPdesk Labs. You can provide us with valuable feedback as we further develop our product. You can also join the lively discussion on this topic on our roadmap.


Geoffrey Simpson

Geoffrey Simpson, Product Manager