11 January 2023

2023: an updated TOPdesk Product and Vision strategy, fit to an ever-shifting world

2023 an updated TOPdesk Product and Vision strategySuccess in a transformed world requires a mindset shift 

It’s undeniable: the pandemic irrevocably shifted the way we work. Entire businesses plummeted—physical retailers, restaurants, bars, airlines, and professional sports were among the hardest hit during the worldwide lockdowns. Others, however, found themselves in a surprisingly favourable position. Online grocers, home improvement retailers, computing electronics suppliers, online collaboration platforms—these are a few of the businesses that truly soared during, and (if we can even say so) after, the pandemic. One lasting outcome from these turbulent times was the fact that the pandemic pushed companies over the technology tipping point, transforming businesses forever.  

A common struggle among service desks worldwide has been an overload of work, lower quality of services in the face of rising customer expectations, constant firefighting and no time to change old work patterns that don’t work so well anymore. But with hybrid working as the new standard, a declining workforce, customer expectations rising higher and the accelerated digitalization of customer interactions, industries have been forced to progress and adapt. Today’s world requires a new approach. And with that comes a mindset shift. 

The time for change is now 

Do you also recognize the above-mentioned obstacles in your own business? Perhaps you didn’t adapt earlier on because it simply wasn’t your top business priority. Or maybe you feared customer resistance to change or had technological issues and organizational silos? Whatever it may have been, the time for change is now. One thing we’re certain about is that change is constant, and the only way forward is to keep learning and adapting at every single opportunity we have.  

TOPdesk takes these changes into account. That's why we've slightly updated our Product and Vision and Strategy—to reflect our approach on how we aim to help you stay on top of the developments in tech and the world as a whole. Let’s break it all down below.  

"Think big, start small" is the way to go 

We’re sure you’d agree with us that implementing big changes is both risky and overwhelming. In a world that requires perpetual shifts, thinking big but starting small is the way to go. Great change doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why, at TOPdesk we’re implementing a mindset and way of working that fits within a “think big, start small” frame. How does this impact our product and future vision? Firstly, our software is easy to implement. You don’t need to invest a lot of time and effort to get started, which makes implementation a manageable step towards the bigger picture. After set up, your TOPdesk environment is easy to adjust. This means that as you continue to take small steps, you’ll be able to quickly make improvements to your service delivery; one step at a time. 

Tame the service desk chaos with TOPdesk 

In a world that’s all about processes of change and adaptation, working together and sharing knowledge with each other is key to success. At TOPdesk, one of our main priorities is to provide a software that allows for easy in-tool collaboration between departments and for standardizing processes around best practices. Why do we believe these two elements are essential to today’s successful service desk? For one, they will help you tame the chaos: standardizing processes around best practices, capturing critical knowledge and getting guidance from our experts when you need it will result in the end of the firefighting. Not to mention that you’ll become part of the TOPdesk knowledge community, which brings you in contact with peers’ sharing of practices that go beyond just our software. And, consequentially, you’ll be able to potentially exceed your customers’ high expectations from your service desk by being on top of your game at all times. Secondly, everything is better when we work together—when there's no inter-departmental collaboration, your customer can tell. They might need help from several departments in your company, and if those are not synched, the result will be a disarray. Excellent service means departments are working together like a well-oiled machine, the various parts of which don't screech when in contact with each other. This will help you break organizational silos to remove bottlenecks and deliver better services across departments. The effect? Boosted productivity and autonomy across the organization.  

Keep discovering new value as you go 

Once you’ve tamed the chaos and are working collaboratively while employing best practices and getting advice from our experts, you will have reached a level of working that allows space and time to continuously learn and discover new opportunities. As we mentioned before, today’s world demands constant discovery and adaptation. If you’re overwhelmed with a chaotic service desk and not able to meet your customers’ expectations, then you won’t ever find the opportunity to uncover new knowledge and elevate your work with the necessary tools for tomorrow’s success. Take, for instance, that one request type that keeps coming in continuously: after a few times, your operators will get fed up with it and won't be able to learn or add value to it. TOPdesk provides you with the tools and examples on how to automate and get rid of redundant steps in your process. The result: faster delivery, less work.    

And so, it's clear why we place the ability to constantly discover new value as a top priority of our software. Only in this way will we be able to find inspiration in peers, have the time to analyze our own operations, and be able to get creative and act continuously. Finally, create solutions you never had time for—without coding or relying on consultants. The result? A service department that enjoy constantly improving. And an ability to keep the performance of the organization in line with expectations. 

Stay open to constant change 

All in all, there’s not one singular and certain path for us all to take. The success of the future lies in making small changes, learning continuously and being open to change at all times. TOPdesk places a “think big, start small” mindset at the core of its Product Vision and Strategy, with a focus on collaboration, best practices, new value discovery, and an open attitude to constant change.  

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