10 December 2019

2020 strategy: investing in faster delivery and customer experience

What can you expect from the TOPdesk product in 2020? In this blog I'll tell you what will be our focus for the coming year and why we chose these focus areas.

Before we go into the goals, I want to provide you with some context. We live in a rapidly changing world. It’s not a question whether new technologies will change the way we work, but a matter of when this will happen and how fast. Organizations need to ensure that they are prepared to respond quickly to these changes.

For 2020, we are accelerating our investment in technology that enables us to quickly respond to market developments and customer expectations. 

These are our 3 focus areas for 2020:

  • Reduce concepts to speed up development
  • Ensure a healthy customer experience
  • Further expand our ecosystem offerings

Reduce concepts to speed up development

The coming year we'll be removing both technical and functional differences between modules further, to bring features to you more quickly. This we call concept reduction.

This concept reduction means features don't need to be developed for multiple processes. A key example of this concerns the Kanban board. Adding various types of tasks, such as change activities and operational activities, would be repetitive work. In this blogpost you can read more about how concept reduction would get rid of that problem and increase the efficiency of our development efforts.

The benefits of concept reduction? Features such as Share & subscribe, Mobile, the Kanban board and rich-text capabilities will become available for all process cards a lot faster this way. One of the first examples is the Tasks & Workflows changes to the core of TOPdesk.

For the longer term we aim to use concepts from the new Asset Management module for other static cards in TOPdesk, such as people, organization structures, contracts or property management.

Ensure a healthy customer experience

We're currently investing a lot in improving the performance, stability and user experience of TOPdesk and will continue to do so in 2020. Most of this happens in the background, but some parts are worth mentioning more specifically.

First of all we're striving to wrap up the Asset Management project the coming year, by allocating additional teams. You will get often-requested features and improved performance, so for every customer it becomes a suitable replacement for the Configuration Management module. This way, all of you will be able to benefit from features that are available in Asset Management and not in Configuration Management, such as customizable content for each type of asset, and full APIs.

In addition, you can expect more hosting locations across the globe to decrease latency.

Finally, we're also speeding up our developments on a new mobile solution for operators working with calls, workflows and recurring activities (or incidents, changes and operational activities, if you will).

Further expand our ecosystem offerings

Last but not least, we want to strengthen the TOPdesk ecosystem over the coming years. APIs are at the base of a healthy ecosystem solution, therefore we will make more APIs available for more processes, opening up developing on TOPdesk for everyone.

We'll also be investing in partner solutions; both expanding the range of available solutions and improving the integration capabilities, taking care of a seamless user experience.

Want to stay informed?

Over the course of 2020 we'll communicate regularly about our developments. You can find more detailed information about what we’re working on in our public roadmap.

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